V chakra: trigonal system

Chalcedony was considered the stone of orators, in fact it exerts a powerful action on the throat chakra, facilitating communication and the expression of emotions and thoughts.

This stone stimulates both the ability to be understood and the ability to listen.

It increases the desire for contact with others and strengthens the ability to adapt to the environment.

Blue Chalcedony makes you carefree and develops an optimistic attitude.

It is the ideal stone for those who often have to speak in public or for those who have to do it for the first time, it helps to overcome fears and promotes eloquence.

On a physical level, it is useful for all respiratory problems, and has an anti-inflammatory action and reduces blood pressure.

Chalcedony is connected to the fifth chakra, so when used as a necklace, it stimulates communication. It is also linked to the heart chakra, so always as a necklace it will help you express feelings. It is very useful in meditation, just hold it in your hands or wear it as a pendant.

In feng shui it expresses the energy of the water element, it must be placed in the northern area to have its benefits. It brings harmony and evolution to the career. Blue chalcedony is cleaned under running water.

To charge it, put it under the rays of the moon.

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