IV° Chakra

Iv chakra symbolGreen Aventurine embodies the highest expression of femininity and intellect, understood as compassion, love, creativity and the ability to bring one’s ideas to life.

It brings serenity helps the person who wears it to overcome the difficulties that life puts in front of him.
It stimulates creativity and intuition, encourages the emergence of new ideas and helps put them into practice.

It helps to dream and turn dreams into reality.

It stimulates enthusiasm and inventiveness and, at the same time, the spirit of tolerance and openness to the ideas of others.

It promotes relaxation and allows you to regain your strength.

It makes you more patient and counteracts excessive behaviors.

On a physical level, it promotes the regeneration of the heart muscle, stimulates fat metabolism, lowers bad cholesterol. It has an anti-inflammatory action, relieves dermatitis and allergies.
Aventurine makes you much more receptive.

To get the benefit, you have to bring it to the level of the fourth chakra by means of a pendant. Just remember to take it off overnight.
If you have a rather large aventurine, then place it in the room where you stay the most.

If you’re doing creative work, make sure you keep it where you work so you can benefit from a greater influx of ideas.

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