II°chakra – triclinic system

Creations with Sunstone

The Sunstone allows you to discover the essence of your nature and to appreciate life in all its aspects with a joyful and sunny attitude.

It renews confidence in the possibility of being happy and in the benevolence of fate.

It gives joy of life, calms the soul by removing worries and pessimism.

It makes you optimistic, pushes you to take action and focus on the positive things.

It encourages an optimistic outlook on life, helps to remove the blocksthat keep us connected to harmful emotional patterns.

Sunstone helps to transform anger into determination to achieve goals.

It allows you to see things in a detached way, without becoming numb.

On a physical level, it harmonizes all the organs of the body and promotes the functioning of the vegetative nervous system.
It speeds up metabolism and restores good digestion.

The most beautiful method to use this stone is to work with it with moonstone.

Sunstone has a purely Yang energy, while Moonstone has yin energy.

Together they bring balance to the masculine and feminine spheres, the two predominant energies of the world.