III° Chakra

The Tiger's Eye Crystal SeedTiger’s eye is a useful stone for strengthening the will, it helps to be more responsible, to have more self-confidence and not to lose courage in the face of difficulties.

It stimulates a sense of stability and practicality, reduces stress and protects against negative influences.

It helps you make decisions and not be overwhelmed by doubts and fears.
It helps to smooth out the corners of one’s character, it gives balance, learning not to take on unnecessary burdens, but always remaining willing to help people in times of need.

By constantly wearing the tiger’s eye, you will alleviate states of panic and anxiety. Perfect for those people who fall victim to nervousness, no longer being able to see things with the right lucidity.

Tiger’s eye stimulates the deepest desires and is a stone that gives abundance in every sphere of life.

On a physical level, it benefits the liver, stomach, spleen and intestines. By slowing down the flow of energy, it is very useful in cases of nervous hyperarousal.

It relieves pain and is especially useful in case of headaches.

Since it is a stone rich in iron, do not keep it too much in contact with water. A quick wash and an equally quick but thorough drying are more than enough.

It charges very well in contact with the sun’s rays.

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