ARIES from 21/03 to 20/04

If you want to win over an Aries person, you have to make them laugh. His motto: I am.

They are energetic, fiery, exuberant, impulsive. Endowed with an extraordinary vital charge, which sometimes translates into arrogance and a tendency to dominate. Individualistic and ambitious, they have the virtue of sincerity and sincerity.

Stones: in shades from red to purplish such as red jasper, carnelian, amethyst, sugilite.

TAURUS from 21/04 to 20/05

If you want to win over a Taurus person, invite them everywhere. The motto: I have

They are enjoyable and concrete, tenacious to the point of stubbornness. They appreciate the wholesome joys of life. They have well-selected and clear objectives. Easy-going people can erupt into sudden anger due to impulsiveness.

Stones: green and pink such as green agate, malachite, green aventurine, rose quartz, rhodonite and ruby jade.

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GEMINI from 21/05 to 21/06

To attract the twins, ask them strange questions. The motto: I know.

Imaginative, exuberant, brilliant, unpredictable and fickle to the point of whim. Quick of thought, changeable according to circumstances, they know how to shrewdly grasp the best of every situation. Communicative and lively in company, but they conceal an anxious, tormented soul.

Stones: grey and iridescent such as hematite, smoky quartz, amazonite, tiger’s eye, labradorite.

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CANCER from 22/06 to 22/07

If you want to conquer a Cancer, you have to be sure and confident. His motto: I do.

Languid, iridescent like the night star that governs it, it has more than one face. The vivid imagination, the inclination to sentimentality and romanticism, the fragility, give way to a granite solidity when difficulties arise to be faced. He can be moody and capricious, quick and brave. He’s basically good and generous, but, defensively, he’s capable of showing off a lot of aggression. He has ambition, diplomatic ability and almost mediumistic intuition.

Stones: white, milky, iridescent like moonstone, mother-of-pearl, pearl, selenite, rutilated quartz.

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LEO from 23/07 to 23/08

If you want to win over a lion, give him a lot of compliments. His motto: I am free.

Proud, self-centered, but also magnanimous and generous, like a sovereign. They place themselves on the throne, the center of attention, and decide who to deign to look at or disregard. Endowed with a strong will, joie de vivre, foresight and intelligence. They like and like themselves, with hints of exhibitionism and presumption, so much so that they don’t know what envy is.

Stones: very bright from transparent to yellow such as citrine quartz, rock crystal, amber.

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VIRGO from 24/08 to 22/09

To win over the virgin you have to be nice to her. His motto: I progress.

They have a sharp, analytical intelligence. They observe, catalogue, store in the drawers of memory, truly remarkable. Responsible, prudent, perfectionist, they are attentive to details to the point of fussiness. They have a strong critical sense that sometimes makes them subtly snobbish. The reticent nature leads them to stay away from the masses. The sense of duty is accentuated to the point of self-harm. Sometimes they are obsessive about housekeeping and tidy. As far as health is concerned, they are the typical imaginary patients.

Stones: solar from orange to pink, to yellow such as citrine quartz, carnelian, rose quartz, aragonite, calcite

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LIBRA from 23/09 to 22/10

If you want to win the scales, you have to be a bit of a rogue. His motto: I balance

They are amiable, polite, accommodating, they love irony, of which they are an expression in the way they act and present themselves. They are sensitive, sweet and a little lazy, and throughout their lives they are looking for a balance that they do not always find. They hate loneliness, have a strong sense of fairness, and achieve a security in marriage.

Stones: transparent grey and bright green such as rock crystal, smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, green agate, malachite.

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SCORPIO from 23/10 to 22/11

To attract the scorpion you have to be different from others. His motto: I am reborn.

Magnetic, at times histrionic, endowed with charismatic charm, he tends to centralize people and things to himself, giving himself as he pleases. Proud and passionate, sharp, subtle intelligence, he has a certain mysteriousness. It is unpredictable, precisely because it can never be fully deciphered.

Stones: red and brown such as tiger’s eye, red jasper, garnet, unakite.

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SAGITTARIUS from 23/11 to 21/12

To attract Sagittarius you have to be intense. His motto: I understand.

Likeable, optimistic, idealistic, he has a particular exuberance that translates into a spirit of adventure, in wanting to know, learn and explore. Confident in his own strength, every goal he achieves becomes a new starting line for other achievements. Determined sometimes becomes domineering without intention.

Stones: Blue and indigo such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, sodalite, chalcedony, larimar.

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CAPRICORN from 22/12 to 20/01

To please Capricorn we must not speak little. His motto: I accomplish.

Serious, austere, inconspicuous, closed in defense, he has a practical intelligence. Ambitious and determined, he has a conjugal relationship with money: he marries it, he does not betray it, he makes sure that he reproduces. Preserving is a kind of mission, memories, objects, values.

Stones: dark, black and green such as onyx, obsidian, tourmaline, green agate, malachite.

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AQUARIUS from 21/01 to 19/02

To conquer Aquarius, you have to relate to it. His motto: I transfigure.

A free and tolerant spirit, he has the peculiarity of living within progress, dynamically projected into the future. But, today, he knows how to be concrete and decisive, applying his original and innovative ideas.

Stones: dark blue stones such as blue agate, lapis lazuli, sodalite.

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PISCES from 20/02 to 20/03

To win over fish, you have to look them in the eye often. The Motto: I transcend.

Sensitive, sweet, romantic, he is altruistic, open to others, but also ready to close himself off because he is touchy. He can be exuberant and optimistic but also inclined to abstraction and spirituality.

Stones: blue and turquoise such as aquamarine, turquoise, chalcedony, amazonite, larimar.

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