V chakra – cubic system

Sodalite promotes idealism and individuality and stimulates the desire for truth;

It is particularly recommended for those who base their lives on strict rules, leaving no room for imagination or sentimentality.

These people will feel very attracted to sodalite, which will help to strengthen their character strengths (such as determination) and sweeten when needed.

In fact, it helps to overcome outdated mechanisms. It allows you to live your life according to your desires, while staying true to yourself. Sodalite is also considered the stone of truth.

It is she who fosters that desire for freedom that inevitably He needs to get away from the lies. Wearing it you will realize how, Little by little, you’ll be able to look inside yourself without guilt or fear of seeing something you don’t like.

It promotes self-awareness, strengthens the ability to express one’s beliefs, both in words and in deeds. If in this

At the precise moment in your life you are trying to follow your dreams, no longer thinking about what others want to do.

youYou have found a formidable ally because she teaches you that the only heart that needs to be followed is your own! On a physical level, it is

effective in disorders of the throat, larynx and vocal cords; lowers blood pressure and regulates fluid balance


You can wear it at the height of the fifth chakra, as a pendant, for example

If you wish to bring improvements to your throat or you have to deal with a

public speaking and you don’t feel confident. As a ring, on the other hand, it is

close to the first chakra, with which it is in tune because of the

cubic lens that Commands. Promotes your way identity and

It increases the spirit of self-defense. At home, place the sodalite in the

your workplace or in your creative place

(where you cultivate your hobby), stimulates your latent talents.