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Crystal therapy is a vibrational technique that uses crystals, putting them in contact with the person, to harmonize and maintain physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Crystals give off energy through vibrations that are nothing more than electromagnetic fields.

We only consider what we can see or touch, so we overlook what we can’t see, such as energy.

We are made of energy like all things in this world.

The principle behind crystal therapy is precisely the ability to modify the energy of some bodies through the moving vibrations emanating from the stone itself.

Thanks to quantum physics, many discoveries have been made that show that there are realities that escape our sensory perception (that of the 5 senses) and that not only what our eyes see is real.

We hear a lot about vibration and energy and subtle bodies, Aura and chakras.

We have not only one physical body, but several bodies that interpenetrate the physical body and trace its form, divided into several layers like the layers of an onion. These subtle bodies are invisible to the eye, yet some people have the gift of being able to see these bodies.

Our subtle bodies and the physical body interact with the outside world and with other living beings through the chakras, also known as the seven vital points.

There are seven chakras and they are placed in a row from the first which is located in the perineum to the seventh which is located above our head. These serve to create a communication between the physical body and the subtle bodies as they are made in the shape of a funnel towards the body.

When we come into contact with someone we don’t like, or that they don’t like, we immediately feel a change on a physical and mental level. We feel a weight in our stomach that bothers us.

This is because the chakra in the stomach governs personal power. It assimilates negative information and stores it within the body, influencing us physically and emotionally. When the chakras become disharmonized, they are no longer able to filter out this information, which is not in harmony with our frequencies, and over time it can cause us enormous discomfort.

Our body is a kind of electromagnetic antenna that receives these impulses (vibrations) from the outside and “pulses” (vibrates) according to precise and regular patterns.

If the antenna receives positive vibrations that travel at the same wavelength as us, they make us feel good, otherwise they cause us discomfort.

Crystals Help Us Regain Balance as they have the ability to absorb and emit energy. When they come into contact with the vibrations of our body, they have the ability to provide the correct vibration that leads to rebalancing the disorder.

They are able to intervene in the subtle bodies and chakras, freeing them from negative energies, vibrations, and restoring harmony.

As a result of the law of sympathetic resonance, our body vibrates with the minerals and the energy of the crystals, regaining the optimal psychophysical state.

Crystal therapy is a holistic discipline, which, it should be remembered, complements the traditional one and does not replace it in any case.

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