The Red Jasper Chakra Crystal Seed

Red Jasper is a stone that acts on the first Chakra: Muladhara which is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with the adrenal glands, the four-petalled lotus, and the color red.

Red jasper has been used for many centuries and was revered as a sacred stone with metaphysical powers, capable of protecting the wearer and giving courage and wisdom.

Red jasper is the perfect stone for working on the first chakra. It strengthens the body, gives vitality and resistance.

By using it, you will feel more determined. You will be able to manage your energies with balance, so that they last over time.

It helps to set goals and overcome diseases.

Red Jasper promotes the affirmation of a combative and tenacious nature, helping the individual to pursue his or her goals to the fullest.

In this respect, red jasper is the most dynamic version.

It promotes courage, combativeness, and decisiveness. It stimulates the imagination and helps to translate one’s ideas into reality.

Red jasper stimulates the imagination and helps to turn one’s ideas into reality.

On a physical level, red jasper stimulates the circulation of energy in the body, stimulates hematopoiesis, is a tonic and gives us new strength.

Red jasper combined with red carnelian, for I and II chakras, has revitalizing effects after a heavy day, especially if we have plans for the evening …. Motto: the gladiator.

It strengthens the body’s resistance to environmental pollution.

It is a perfect stone to resist others’ attempts to dominate us and at the same time helps to rebel against cases of physical and psychological violence. It also gives courage to the child who is being bullied. Red jasper is wonderful, because it gives so much courage and support. It is not a simple stone, but a good luck charm that attracts positive thinking and above all self-love.

If you want to use it, it is useful to wear it as a bracelet, ring, necklace to make the most of its properties. Otherwise, use it in meditation or in contact with the skin, it also works well in the pocket of your trousers.

All types of jasper have detoxifying effects, they act as a grounding, they are protective and economical.

It is one of the stones for the zodiac sign of Aries.

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