Citrine and sodalite quartz necklaceCitrine Quartz attracts everything positive into a person’s life, brings joy and good mood, facilitates work success, and attracts wealth and abundance.

By balancing the energies of Earth and Heaven, it helps to make good use of material goods so as not to squander money on consumerist and selfish ends.

She is the sunstone, the one who embodies the masculine energies.

In crystal therapy, citrine is often used together with amethyst (female stone) to balance the two energies of the body. It brings energy to the impulses of the will, of the planning of self-realization.

It helps to bring ideas and projects to life.

It stimulates intuition and creativity.

On a physical level, it stimulates the digestive process and the functionality of the stomach, spleen and pancreas. It alleviates the symptoms of early-stage diabetes and strengthens the nervous system.

To attract money with citrine quartz you can simply put it in your wallet, even where there is loose change.

Take care to always leave at least one euro inside, in practice, it must never remain empty!

Hanging from the neck, in contact with the skin, a downward-facing citrine quartz tip helps channel the energies of the high chakras towards the lower ones, bringing an overall harmony, clarity of purpose and the power to know how to juggle thoughts well with physical gestures.

Citrine Druze is rather great for charging other stones with positive energy and Citrine Druzeremoving negative energy at the same time.

However, before using it in this sense, I recommend that you purify the other stones you want to load with its support in another way, perhaps placing them on an amethyst druse first.

So in addition to purifying and charging, you will also balance the energies of each stone.

Remember that citrine cannot be exposed to the rays of the direct sun otherwise it will fade, but you can expose it to the moon’s rays.

You don’t have to purify it because it doesn’t attract negative energies.

Pass it under water just for a moment just to remove the dust that occasionally settles on it.

Citrine in feng shui needs to be placed in the center of a room or house to bring energy throughout the space.