This agate has this name because it is characterized by beautiful inclusions that resemble Japanese cherry blossoms.

These range from white to pink.

The sakura are the wonderful cherry blossoms that dye the Japanese country pink during spring.

It is undeniable that sakura is a wonderful flower, but hanami, the thousand-year-old Japanese festival, also contains a symbolism that goes beyond beauty. The sakura blooms and fades in a few days so it represents the transience of life, fragility, but also the desire to savor every moment.

We look at the sakura with sadness, but also with emotion because celebrating hanami in spring is talking about rebirth. It is no coincidence that cherry blossoms have always been seen as a premonitory sign of the richness of the rice harvest, as an omen of prosperity. The Sakura is also a symbol of the qualities of the Samurai, namely honesty, courage, loyalty, and purity.

Sakura is linked to a beautiful Japanese legend that dates back hundreds of years when peace was a rare thing due to battles between fiefdoms. It is said, however, that there was a forest where the war had not touched anything, there were trees, perfumes and animals. No warrior dared to enter it to ruin nature. Right here was a tree that never bloomed and seemed dead. Actually it wasn’t, but it was very sad and lonely because he could never enjoy the beauty of the colors of the flowers. The animals did not approach out of fear, the grass around them did not grow.

But one day, the fairy of the woods, seeing so much loneliness, was moved, approached him and said that he would cast a spell that would last 20 years. During this time, the tree would feel what the human heart feels. Maybe then he would get excited and find the bloom.

The fairy told him again that he could turn into a human being and then back into a plant, but if he did not manage to become viable after 20 years, he would die forever.

The tree turned human, but at first it found only hatred and war. For this reason, he often returned to being a plant, until as a man, walking he saw a beautiful girl. It was Sakura who was kind: they talked for a long time, sharing dreams and hopes.

When Sakura asked him what his name was, only one word came to the tree’s mind: “Yohiro,” which means hope. A deep friendship was born between the two and in a short time love blossomed. One day, Yohiro confessed to Sakura all his love and true nature. Sakura was impressed and remained silent. Time had passed, and the 20-year deadline was approaching. Yohiro, who reverted to the appearance of a tree, felt very sad.

But Sakura confessed her love to the tree. It was then that the fairy appeared again and asked Sakura to choose: remain human or fuse with Yohiro in the form of a tree.

She thought of hatred and war and decided to merge with Yohiro. And then the two merged and became one, and as if by miracle, the tree blossomed. The word Sakura means “cherry blossom.” Today, their love blossoms in Japan.

This stone is therefore a sign of rebirth, hope, prosperity and purity.

Gratitude, helps to recognize the wounds inflicted by life. It promotes concern for others and the environment. It detoxifies and strengthens nerves, heart, intestines, joints, slows down degenerative processes and malignant formations.

Keep it with you to enjoy the blessing benefits of this special stone.