III, IV chakra – Monoclinic crystal system

Its name derives from its scaly appearance, which resembles the snake.

This stone pushes the person to seek solitude, in order to achieve inner peace, in fact it is also very suitable as a meditative stone.

It reduces mood swings and relieves nervousness and stress. It helps protect yourself from negative influences.

It can be helpful for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm.

Serpentine instills good mood, brings self-confidence, inner beauty and magnetism.

It makes them able to control their own existence but also more willing to compromise and find amicable solutions

It contributes to the opening of the fourth chakra (heart chakra), emits a deeply healing vibration and helps activate the energies of the Kundalini

Serpentine is recommended for those who are carrying out a work of self-knowledge and introspection, as it promotes inner growth and fights the tendency to let situations stagnate.

On a physical level, it is indicated in cases of alteration of the heart rhythm, for stomach and kidney problems.

It helps in case of alternation between diarrhea and constipation because it regulates the intestines.

It compensates for states of hyperacidity, stimulates magnesium metabolism, and helps with menstrual pain.

To act, it must be brought into contact with the body.

To purify it, all the instructions on the blog are fine, but be careful, it should not be put in the light of the sun, it prefers the moon.