AQUAMARINE – to overcome trauma

V CHAKRA – hexagonal system

The name aquamarine dates back to the Renaissance period, while blue-green beryl has been known since ancient times. Old legends say that it teaches us to distinguish the true from the false, like friend from foe, and ensures well-being, good memory and mental clarity.

Aquamarine, literally sea stone, is used in crystal therapy to harmonize the fifth chakra, it works a lot on feelings.

It is the right stone for those who are looking for the contact with the HERE and NOW and wants to make the most of the time he has available on earth. Aquamarine helps overcome various types of emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma. It’s perfect if, for example, you’re trying to leave behind anger, stress, and past problems. It teaches you to look to the future with superior positivity. It is a profoundly positive stone and is a valuable help if you are trying to overcome a pain that involves you emotionally.

It fosters inner growth, foresight, foresight, and mediumship.

Aquamarine has greater entry into the laryngeal vortex, v chakra, and induces a feeling of beneficial tranquility.

Verbal expression is harmonized by this reassuring gemstone.

Emotions, in order to be manifested in their real expression, must be able to flow freely through the throat; It is no coincidence that symptoms of shyness are excessive salivation, continuous swallowing and turning red.

Aquamarine is also suitable for those suffering from respiratory problems, rhinitis, asthma and bronchitis.

It can also help with anxiety disorders caused by a malfunctioning thyroid.

It is used to combat fluid retention, respiratory and lung problems. In general, it improves breathing and helps to alleviate the typical symptoms of allergies, as it manages to attenuate the excessive reactivity of the immune system. By wearing it, you can get in quicker recovery from diseases. It balances hormones and is associated with the thymus gland, pituitary gland and thyroid.

Aquamarine can be kept in contact with the body for long periods. In the case of eye pain, it should be placed directly on the eyelids.

In Feng Shui the color is blue and the predominant movement is water.

The properties are calming and rebalancing for tiredness.

The preferred rooms are the bedroom and the bathroom.