IV CHAKRA- trigonal system

Moss agate, also known as gardener’s stone, has many mystical properties.

It is associated with the Spirits of Nature, because it helps to strengthen the connection with the earth by promoting rooting. Through this agate, one understands the importance of taking care of the world, both spiritually and physically. It can be used as a protective amulet by those who cultivate the land, especially to ensure a good harvest.

Moss agate frees the individual from the chains that imprison him. It spurs him on to take new initiatives after a long hesitation.

It’s inspiring, and it allows you to start over and over again. Free from feelings of oppression and fear. It inspires confidence and hope.

It fosters the ability to communicate, promotes awareness and helps to deal with critical situations. It stimulates the intellectual faculties.

This stone has a protective effect on the spirit. It vibrates at a slower frequency than many other crystals and is therefore able to align itself with subtle bodies, strengthening them.

It is a stone that manages to connect the person with the Nature Spirits and the Spirit Guide.

On a physical level, it activates lymphatic flow, proving useful against swollen lymph nodes and acute infections. It strengthens the immune system, helps the body to better cope with and defeat a disease. It stimulates the lymphatic system and neuronal activity. It purifies the tissues, the respiratory tract. It also stimulates digestive processes.

You can keep it in contact with your skin to achieve all of the spiritual psychic effects listed above. The ideal is to mount it in pendants or bracelets. You can, however, carry it in your pocket.

Stones can also be of great help in the gardening industry. In the case of moss agate, it is very useful for invigorating diseased plants.

Moss agate with green inclusions, on the other hand, works on the fourth chakra, that of the heart. In this case, it acts on feelings and emotions. It helps you to be more spontaneous.