V chakra – triclinic system

Amazonite strengthens the ability to make decisions, stimulates determination, pushes one to carry out one’s projects without being discouraged by difficulties.

A pendant the fifth chakra helps to express thoughts clearly and fluently, communication is made sincere without leaking your emotion.

It boosts self-esteem, frees you from victimhood, fights stress and empowers you to take the reins of your own destiny. It invites you to experience freedom and pursue your own intentions without being influenced by external judgments.

Use it when you are in a moment of discouragement, when you would like to let go of everything, amazonite helps you to find your way, to find your freedom and therefore to regain possession of your life.

It helps to rebalance all the chakras, especially the throat and heart chakras. Amazonite is a perfect amulet, so you can keep it around your neck to get all the benefits that concern the sphere of communication, self-esteem and the desire to stand out in your field.

In general, amazonite is perfect for balancing health in general. It helps with cell regeneration and is a good support in case of trauma and illness. It strengthens the metabolism of the liver, joints, brain and pituitary gland. It balances metabolic processes, helps prevent hair loss and nail brittleness.

It defends against negative influences and absorbs radiation from PCs, mobile phones and TVs.

When placed on top of your desk, it helps to channel your energies to accomplish something unique and meaningful in your existence.

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