II° chakra – trigonal system

Botswana agate is the ideal stone for those who want to quit smoking, after keeping the stone in a glass of water for a few hours you drink the elixir you have obtained, repeating the operation every day for the necessary time. For this purpose, it can be combined with Amazonite. In addition to this use, Botswana agate is an excellent protective stone, it is effective in case of stress and depression and helps to balance energies. If its streaks take the shape of an eye, in this case the stone helps to have a clearer view of things. On a physical level, this stone placed on the second chakra relieves both male and female sexual dysfunctions. It stimulates the nervous system, the immune system and the circulatory system.

Agate was considered a protective stone by the ancients. In particular, specimens with Parallel lines were used to create talismans capable of defending against bad luck. Even today in some countries, people give newborn babies agate pendants to wish them luck.

The meaning of agate can vary from people to people, but according to Indians and Tibetans it was considered as a real amulet to achieve goals without having external interference. Some varieties of agate are more valuable, but whatever the color, provenance, or shape, it remains a wonderful stone belonging to the quartz family.

Agate helps to mitigate irrational fears, giving you the awareness of being protected. According to the ancients, this mineral is stronger than any curse, negative energy, or unfortunate situation. Its protective action works at 360° and at the same time, acting on rationality, it helps to become aware of what the real and irrational dangers are. To achieve this effect, you can choose between wearing agate as a necklace, ring or bracelet.

In crystal therapy, agate protects the body and its organs thanks to its layered structure. The more parallel lines that make up the agate specimen in your hands, the greater the effects in this regard.

The only deposits are located in Botswana, an African region. This species of Agate is highly protective and stimulates the person’s curiosity about the spiritual realm.