IV chakra – monoclinic system

Cllana Chips Malachite and AmethystMalachite is one of the minerals that is most often found mentioned in legends. Malachite has always been considered a symbol of the female figure, and in all cultures it has been used to honor some goddess. This stone represented seduction, sensuality, beauty, aesthetics and musical arts. It was considered the stone of Paradise, already in the Middle Ages it was believed that it was able to alleviate menstrual problems and facilitate childbirth.

Malachite promotes the sense of aesthetics, the spirit of friendship and justice.

It helps to put yourself in the shoes of others to better understand their thoughts and feelings. It reduces shyness and stimulates the thirst for knowledge.

Malachite is a stone with numerous properties, among many others that of facilitating change, making life more adventurous and intense. It develops a taste for risk, pushing the person to trust in good luck. It makes the person more aware, making him aware of his own desires and needs, and of the fact that it is in his power to fulfill them.

It removes inhibitions and makes you more likely to live new experiences, expands the world of images and dreams, giving strength to ideas and intuitions.

Repressed feelings are brought to light and inhibitions removed. In this way, the person can live these emotions to the fullest without being a prisoner of them, and knows how to escape their influence when necessary.

It strengthens the ability to understand and is able to process information faster through a more vivid imagination and deeper awareness. Thoughts flow more smoothly and it is therefore easier to make decisions without unnecessary hesitation. It enlivens thought and promotes the spirit of observation.

On a physical level, it exerts an antispasmodic action, is useful in menstrual pain and makes childbirth easier. Stimulates liver function. It detoxifies the body, reduces tissue acidity and promotes brain activity.

To enjoy the benefits of malachite, simply carry it with you or place it periodically on your body. After application, malachite heats up a lot, you can change it several times during application. It’s better to work with larger specimens.

In crystal therapy, it is recommended to apply it to the IV chakra and the swirls of the hands.

This stone helps against radiation such as that of electronic instruments, computers.

It should never be combined with diamond, it would become toxic.

It can be combined with azurite for anxiety, chrysocolla to detoxify and achieve inner peace, rhodochrosite to improve vision and for chronic sinusitis by placing them on the frontal sinuses.

The best way to purify it is to let it rest on a hyaline crystal druse for at least three hours.

Its potential is amplified under a pyramid, by placing it on top of a turquoise or exposing it to sunlight for about an hour and a quarter.

The essence of malachite has a powerful action and therefore it is recommended to use it only at low dosages.

In Feng Shui , color is equivalent to green, the predominant movement is wood.

Property rebalances, calms, protects from radiation.

The preferred rooms are the bathroom and the kitchen.