VI CHAKRA – monoclinic system

Lepidolite is mauve in color, sometimes tending to violet. It is mainly extracted from mines in Brazil and California.

Lepidolite stimulates the individual’s need for autonomy, inducing him to pursue his goals to the end.

Thanks to this stone, you can learn not to thwart the natural course of events.

It protects the person from external influences, pushing him to withdraw when there is a need. It inspires calm and inner peace, it is indicated in case of insomnia.

It stimulates the ability to be objective and retelling. It helps you to focus on the essentials, and to pursue your goals, without being distracted.

Crystal therapy uses this stone to reduce the consequences of severe depression, which is often a remote cause of the onset of certain diseases.

During periods when we are forced to live in stressful situations, before we find ourselves unbalanced due to too high blood pressure, we can resort to this mineral.

Lepidolite calms the spirit and dispels memories and traumas of childhood abuse, allowing you to process and accept them without resentment and hatred.

Lepidolite is recommended for anyone who is prone to mood flails.

On a physical level, it helps to overcome sciatica pain, neuralgia and joint problems. It acts radically against pain, anesthetizing the body and mind.

It has a detoxifying action by stimulating the purification processes of skin and tissues.

It can be kept in contact with the body, or applied directly to the affected regions. To achieve results on the mental level, or to treat insomnia, simply put it under the pillow.