V CHAKRA – cubic crystal system

Lapis Lazuli RingSince ancient themes, Lapis Lazuli has been considered the stone of Venus par excellence, in ancient Egypt it was reserved only for the caste of priests and the pharaoh-god, which is why it is also <called the royal> stone.

In fact, the history of the use of this gem dates back to the fifth millennium BC, when it was found in the Pharaonic tombs in Egypt and Sumerian tombs.

In India, lapis lazuli is known for its power to strengthen eyesight and safeguard health.

In Buddhism, it is considered one of the seven treasures and symbolizes self-awareness.

The ancient Romans believed it had aphrosidic properties, while in the Middle Ages it was thought to ward off fear and envy.

Lapis Lazuli promotes wisdom and honesty, prompting you to assert your inner truth.

It helps to bring out the authentic part of ourselves and show what we really are. He is considered an enemy of illusions, those who choose him get rid of all thought patterns and live only according to their own precepts.

It promotes self-awareness, dignity, and righteousness, and facilitates the expression of one’s feelings.

Lapis lazuli helps to put one’s thoughts in order, to manifest intentions. Already in color, which stimulates emotional balance and sharpness of mind, we will discover the pleasure of solitude, the pleasure of finding ourselves again.

It encourages us to express our opinions and emotions frankly. It strengthens the ability to make friends, in fact it is also called the stone of friendship’.

It helps us to show our inner truth through our eyes, which makes it easier for others to see and accept it. At the same time, it pushes us to express our opinions frankly. It helps to master conflicts.

On a physical level, it treats throat-related disorders and by acting on the laryngeal vortex, V chakra, it reaches the thyroid.

It is a powerful purifier, which resonates most precisely on the energy discharge area.

It also lowers blood pressure, regulates the functioning of the thyroid and regulates the menstrual cycle.

During meditation, lapis lazuli can be placed on the forehead. Alternatively, it can be worn around the neck hanging from a chain.

In Feng Shui it is associated with the color blue, the predominant movement is water.

Since it promotes concentration and friendships, it can be placed in the children’s room, in the living room and in the study.