VI chakra – rhombic system

Iolite is a variety of cordierite that looks like a dark blue gemstone characterized by purple hues due to its transparency and color.

When intensely colored or transparent specimens are found, cordierite can be used as a gemstone and in this field it is called iolite.

Iolite is popularly called water sapphire.

Iolite helps to increase vitality, strengthening the nervous system and strengthening the whole body.

It helps fight depression by making the person more responsive and aware, helping them to get rid of past burdens. If you have to face a difficult situation, wearing it will help you overcome it.

It is the stone of vision, of the inner journey. The indigo hue opens and stimulates the sixth chakra or third eye. It is especially suitable for those who practice meditative techniques.

It helps to balance the masculine and feminine elements of character in the search for self-harmony and smoothing out the difficulties of couple relationships

It stimulates the flow of energy flowing through the meridians and can be used in a crystal therapy session to purify the aura.

Some customs of the past see it as the stone capable of making the sun identify even in case of fog. Moving it, where the sun was, it showed a lighter face. Precisely because of this use, typical of the Viking people, it was called the stone of the sun.

Place the cordierite at throat level. It helps you both in case of physical problems in this part of the body, and if you want to fight your shyness and learn to talk more with others.

You can use it in a crystal therapy session to purify the aura but also to work on the blocked throat chakra.