I, IV, VI and VII chakras – trigonal system

Picasso jasper is a stone that bestows initiative and courage on the wearer.

It helps to have a spirit of adventure by increasing the imagination, sharpens the senses and encourages action to achieve one’s goals.

Picasso jasper helps to consolidate the energies of the body and mind to realize one’s aspirations.

It is a stone that helps you to remain yourself and true to the principles of your life, it can be called the stone of authenticity and sincerity.

Picasso jasper draws its energy from mother earth and thus revitalizes all the energy centers of our body.

It makes you creative, so it is used to encourage inspiration for those who work in the sector or for those who want to open up to the imagination.

It is a strong stress reliever, it comes into contact with the skin, it helps to dominate physical and mental fatigue.

It can assist in facilitating transformations in the field of relationships as well. It is said to attract people you like by making them available and loyal and trusted friends. It also helps to renew old friendships that have been lost.

It works on the I, IV, VI and VII chakras bringing harmony. It can be used in crystal therapy and associated with the chakra to be rebalanced.

On a physical level, Picasso jasper stimulates the immune system and blood circulation, thus promoting good irrigation of the organs and muscles. It also helps to tone bones, the digestive system and fight gastric and intestinal ailments and pains.

Women who suffer from painful menstruation can find relief in the use of Picasso jasper. It is also useful for skin problems and to strengthen internal organs weakened by various ailments. People who suffer from muscle or nervous tension due to stress can find gentle help in Picasso’s jasper stone.

The purification of Picasso’s jasper is necessary as soon as the stone is acquired to free it from the influences of the various people who may have manipulated it.

To clean the stone it must be run under running water and then kept overnight in an Amethyst geode. To recharge the stone optimally, it must be placed in the sun on a pile of citrine quartz or rock crystal.