IV CHAKRA – monoclinic system

Green Jade BraceletThe jade stone, the green one, is considered in ancient Chinese culture a stone capable ofattracting wealth.

Hold it at the height of the heart (the fourth chakra) as a pendant. This way you can get the maximum benefits from it.

It is a protective stone, it helps you to think clearly and protects you from bad luck.

It is the quintessential symbol of success and love. Green jade works on the heart.

You will be able to remove the restraint that prevents you from achieving your desires on both a material and spiritual level.

It will help you use what you earn productively.

Also in China, carving a butterfly out of a piece of jade is a symbol of good luck and attracts love in life, without forcing anyone’s life or feelings.

There are two species of Jade: the deep green jadehyde and the less precious nephrite, which is lighter, whitish and sometimes tending to mauve. The emerald green jade, due to the presence of chromium, translucent at the edges, is the most precious and is called imperial jade.

This stone is used to instill the five main virtues: courage, a sense of justice and charity, modesty and wisdom. Confucius said that Jade represents memory, the mirror of soul-mind integrity.

It also strengthens the liver and spleen. It stimulates the entire immune system making the body stronger, purifies the blood. It balances everything from kidney to blood activity. It also works on the lymphatic system so it helps fight water retention and relieve bloating. It helps eliminate toxins from the body and balances all fluids.

It is a perfect gift for the woman who is about to give birth Jade is a stone with an extraordinary calming effect, especially in terms of feelings.

It soothes the troubled soul, helping it to see better within itself. I recommend it, for example, to those who need to overcome some fears. Stimulates and strengthens the ability to make the right decisions

If you’re feeling a little too irritable at this time, then use a nice jade! It is a balm for the soul, it helps to stabilize your mind and body and you will immediately feel many positive ideas overwhelming you.

In feng shui it fights anxiety, depression and insomnia. The room where to place it is the bedroom.