THE CHAKRAS – cubic system

Tumbled garnet

Are you in a difficult, critical situation and don’t know how to get out of it?

Garnet can be a perfect ally to deal with the problems that plague you.

Read on to learn how!!

Garnet, on a subtle level, energetically stimulates the ability to face difficult situations without that excessive involvement, which often makes it impossible for us to measure them, life will be faced with lucidity and courage.

It promotes self-confidence, willpower, and joie de vivre.

It helps to free oneself from past conditioning and obsolete ideas, enabling one to start a new life.

Garnet corresponds to the medieval Carbuncle, the stone that legend attributed to shine in the dark.

At the time, in fact, it was believed that anthrax could give light and hope to souls who were in darkness.

It was also considered the stone of heroes, of those who were willing to face severe tests to test their courage. In fact, garnet helps to get out of those situations that seem to have no way out.

It is the most suitable stone in times of crisis, in which the collapse of one’s values and hopes generates a situation of great existential difficulty.

On a physical level, it strengthens the body’s power of regeneration. Eliminates energy blockages, stimulates metabolism.

In feng shui it increases fertility and immune defenses, it is suitable to be placed in rooms used for prosperity and relationships.

It goes well with any metal used in jewelry, it would be preferable to use a pendant worn with a chain long enough to reach the heart chakra, or worn on earrings on the earlobes.

The color red stimulates the IV chakra in order to produce a state of lightheartedness and courage. From the cardiac plexus, the vibration of the garnet reaches the lungs, where better tissue regeneration occurs.