VII CHAKRA – monoclinic system

Tumbled white jade

Jade has been considered for millennia, especially in the Far East, a good luck charm.

It pushes the individual to realize himself, to consider himself a being of a spiritual nature, and to lead his life independently.

It stimulates the production of ideas and dynamism. It helps to use the moments of rest for one’s spiritual activities.

This stone is used to instill the five main virtues: courage, a sense of justice and charity, modesty and wisdom. Confucius said that Jade represents memory, the mirror of soul-mind integrity.

It stimulates the dreamlike and fantastic world, allowing inner wisdom to emerge. It also has a balancing function, counteracting inertia with activity, and excitability with calmness.

There are two species of Jade: the deep green jadehyde and the less precious nephrite, which is lighter, whitish and sometimes tending to mauve. The emerald green jade, due to the presence of chromium, translucent at the edges, is the most precious and is called imperial jade.

On a physical level, it stimulates kidney activity, keeping water and salts in the right balance. It also has a stimulating effect on the nervous system and adrenal glands, making reflexes particularly prompt.

It can be worn by the subject, or placed on the body. To stimulate the dream activity, it is advisable to put it in contact with the mind.