IV CHAKRA – trigonal system

Green Calcite promotes communication between mind and heart, heals wounds of the heart, dissolves mental blocks that prevent one’s fulfillment.

It brings mental balance and rearranges confused thoughts and promotes inner knowledge, it is the ideal crystal for those who tend to make the same mistakes over and over again as it helps to dissolve the mental blocks that originate them.

This stone assists elderly people who are facing major changes such as moving house or city or who have lost a loved one.

The properties of Green Calcite help to get out of heavy, stagnant or negative situations and to release old concepts or thought patterns based on fear (releasing mental rigidity is necessary if there is a need for mental rigidity).

We want to open up to new beliefs and healthier realities) also belonging to past lives, to the genetic code or to prenatal experiences that often cause physical rigidity and tension.

The properties of Green Calcite inspire a feeling of calm: excellent for treating phobias, calming anxieties and dispersing chaotic energies; It is an excellent tool to bring the emotional body back to “centered” and

It soothes feelings, rearranges thoughts, brings balance and relaxation Thanks to its properties, Green Calcite helps to absorb the prana of the air Green Calcite puts us in contact with the most beautiful spirits.

Elevated and with the spirits of nature, it stimulates the love of plants, animals and crystals.

The properties of Green Calcite help to find the way to the world of the spirit, enhance the desire for spiritual union, introversion and the need for harmony It is one of the most delicate and gentle healing stones, it exudes a

The properties of Green Calcite are indicated in problems with bones (ankylosis, fractures, bone calluses, calcifications), cartilage, ligaments, tendons (especially tendinitis), useful for athletes who are often

exposed to trauma or accidents, an excellent working tool for chiropractors and osteopaths.

To purify it incense, drusa, reiki, sound, breath, thought, pendulum, moonlight, pyramid. Avoid; salt, water, Bach flowers, earth, sunlight. To recharge it: moonlight, druse, pyramid, rock crystal spikes. Avoid: Ground, sunlight

Contraindications for the use of Green Calcite in crystal therapy: in therapeutic treatments it can be used on many areas in a crystal configuration, it should be used in direct contact with the skin and in many cases it is better to use enough pieces

large because the stone is fragile and during treatments it risks breaking easily when it becomes too hot- After each treatment it is good to purify the Green Calcite and recharge it on a Hyaline Quartz Druze or under a pyramid

This stone is suitable for those who tend to fall back into the same mistakes over and over again: to release the old mental patterns, it can be placed on the fifth chakra (throat chakra) or on the sixth chakra (third eye chakra), preferably after the use of Azurite (which is responsible for the

the purification of the unconscious)

To facilitate transitions or changes and alleviate the resulting tension, a Green Calcite can be placed anywhere, especially on the third chakra (solar plexus chakra)

Green Calcite is a healing stone, its calming, soft and healthy energy is useful in situations with excess red energy that can be expressed in anger or over-excitement (to neutralize excess red energy can be put on the back foot).

In bacterial infections of the genital tract you can hold a large Green Calcite in front of you, focus on the energy of this mineral to absorb its vibration and let it flow

freely in your body. Bring its energy to the first chakra (root chakra) and visualize the dispersion of stagnant sexual energy that has built up in that area. The energy of the green calcite will act on the cause of the

Condition by collaborating with the fourth chakra (heart chakra ) to heal the imbalance that has been established between the two centers

In case of pain you can put the stone on the painful area, inhale visualizing the healing energy in that area and while exhaling you expel stress and pain (often the results are surprising), you need to do it for fifteen minutes at least four

times a day.

In case of feverish alteration, Green Calcite can be applied to the fourth chakra (heart chakra) and the sixth chakra (third eye chakra) for several fifteen-minute cycles, interspersed with purifications

In case of fractures, two pieces of Green Calcite can be placed, one at the beginning of the cast and one at the end, in case of tendinitis, massage the affected part every day for a few minutes

A Green Calcite placed on the chest cures phlegm bronchitis and smokers’ coughs, coughs or neglected flu

To release the fear associated with limiting beliefs, you can put a Green Calcite on the fourth chakra (heart chakra): it helps to replace fears and old habits with healthier ones, useful for children who have difficulties at school or for those who suffer

of mental disorders

Green Calcite is indicated for spells to attract money and prosperity: every morning surround the stone with some green candles and visualize the money entering your life after lighting them, then take the stone with you.

Emerald Calcite with its beautiful green color is quite recent on the market. It is a stone indicated for the deep healing of the fourth chakra (heart chakra), pertaining to love for oneself and others. It helps to break relationships and habitual patterns,

to give up and let go of those love problems that block you from finding true love. Show your heart how you can have a happy and healthy relationship that is helpful for people who feel victimized or who attract the wrong people. You can

hold on to the fourth chakra (heart chakra) and affirm “I am in love with the Universe, with myself, with life”.