V CHAKRA – Trigonal System

Calcite is a mineral composed of neutral calcium carbonate. It is one of the most prevalent minerals on earth and is found just about everywhere.

Its crystals are used in crystal therapy for the great benefits it can give and for its ability to amplify energies.

It is a somewhat peculiar stone, it stands out from the others already to the touch for its being a little waxy.

It comes in many colors, in fact it can be used in chromotherapy to balance the chakras. It is good for both purifying energies, amplifying vibrations, and promoting spiritual growth.

A well-known property of calcite is that it amplifies vibrations on a mental, spiritual and emotional level. To achieve this effect, I recommend that you wear a pendant around your neck or perhaps, if you have a specimen of calcite rather

to keep it in the house.

It is not particularly known for its benefits on the body. However, it intervenes on vital processes by activating them. It can help with the absorption of nutrients and is given as a talisman to children for good bone growth.

activate vital processes, improve nutrient absorption, improve bone growth. Blue calcite gives us the ability to judge, making us inwardly stable and secure in our conduct. It has a calming effect, strengthens memory and ability


Blue calcite has a calming and relaxing effect. It cools down “hot” emotions such as moodiness, anger, and aggression, making the mind and body clearer and improving communication and finding solutions. On a physical level, Blue Calcite is

anti-inflammatory and lowers blood pressure. It has a positive effect on the throat area, lungs, bones and thyroid gland.