V chakra – triclinic system

The kyanite stone, whose name comes from the Greek word “kyanos”, means deep blue. It is a very special stone, kyanite, and is highly recommended in the collection of those who do spiritual work on themselves.

Kyanite does not accumulate negative energies and vibrations, so it almost never needs to be cleaned and purified. Given that kyanite’s energy is unlimited, it is said to be one of the best crystals to use as a tuning stone.

Kyanite is a powerful high-frequency energy amplifier, suitable for meditation and soul ascension.

It is perfect for connecting with the higher realms and helps to understand the true purpose of life.

It also acts as a stabilizer for our biomagnetic field, for the energetic restoration of the Qi of the physical body.
Kyanite has a strong calming effect on the whole being, bringing tranquility and inner peace. It encourages the formation of psychic abilities and communication at all levels, so it is great for the throat and the fifth chakra.

It has a nice reputation as a stone full of purity, and many crystal therapists agree that it does not hold back negative energy and therefore never needs to be purified.

Because of this energetic perfection, some believe that kyanite is the material of Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth. The symbolism behind this idea is that only a material of great purity can cut through the truth of matter. Archangel Michael carries a sword that cuts through ropes and laces, removing all negativity. However, while Archangel Michael is usually depicted ready to go into battle with helmet, shield and sword, the real battle He fights is spiritual: choosing the truth and eliminating deception. No doubt this is why this extremely pure stone is thought to be the perfect “weapon” of the Angel.

Kyanite, or stone distene, has a fast, focused action. It transfers energy quickly, it is used to remove blockages, rigid mental, emotional and spiritual attitudes. It enhances psychic faculties, such as clairvoyance and telepathy. Its energy is unlimited. It helps to understand the true purpose of life.

It promotes a balanced opening of the third eye, improves psychic images and visualization during meditation.

Blue Kyanite aligns and purifies all chakras and subtle bodies in a natural and fast way, acting in particular on the chakras of the crown, third eye and throat. Improves energy flow.

This wonderful cyan blue crystal protects the aura and destroys all negative energy. Restores energy balance. It builds a telepathic bridge between two people. Create a bridge to connect to higher dimensions.

Kyanite helps the person to get rid of superstitions, and to recognize the causes of current events. Kyanite makes the person resolute and capable of making decisions. It helps the individual to make peace with their inner world and their conflicting emotions.

It calms the spirit and frees it from the frustrations that oppress it.

It promotes logical-rational thinking, spontaneity and a sense of security. Stimulates awareness.

On a physical level, it stimulates the functions of the cerebellum and motor nerves, improving motor skills and in particular finger motility. It slows down the aging process. To have benefit, it must be worn. Place kyanite on the sixth chakra to promote open-mindedness and also increase psychic gifts.

You can use kyanite in meditation if you want to be able to overcome the illusion of appearances and no longer wish to be a victim of destructive mental patterns.

Finally, you can wear a kyanite pendant if you want to improve your immune system and work on your ability to communicate

It helps to verbally express one’s problems. If these are very private or concerning the sexual sphere, I recommend combining it with ruby zoisite. On the other hand, those who want a more direct and more intense action can combine it with ruby by resting it on the V chakra.