VII chakra – monoclinic system

Men's howlite necklace

Howlite is a fairly common white stone. It is characterized by gray inclusions that make it striated, other times these inclusions are black or bluish

The howlite stimulates the person’s process of independence, stimulates attention to real needs, pushes them to manage their lives autonomously and encourages them to consciously take control of their actions It makes them determined to demand respect for their needs and helps to say “no”, when necessary, without guilt. The howlite solidifies the sense of balance;

From a psychic point of view, however, it is used to overcome the wounds and traumas of the past, to metabolize anger and to renew itself. It is used in cases of anxiety, shock and panic. It gives you new self-confidence, it helps you find the strength to keep going.

On a spiritual level, the howlite as a white stone can be used for the seventh chakra. It helps to listen to oneself, to take responsibility. It allows you to have a better and healthier contact with the environment but also with other people.

On a physical level, it increases the flow of oxygen, intervenes on thyroid problems and can also be useful to support those treatments related to autoimmune and degenerative diseases. It is also used in crystal therapy treatments against infections. It stimulates fertility and strengthens the heart.

Relieves ailments; facilitates vomiting; It calms skin irritations caused by contact with toxic substances.

You can use the howlite as a pendant in everyday life. To work on the throat and thyroid, it must surround the neck well. It is useful to work on it from a physical point of view (for problems that concern this area) but also from a psychic point of view, if there are blocks from the point of view of communication. If, on the other hand, you want to work on feelings, leave it soft at heart level.

A howlite pendant allows you to work on your self-esteem and self-control as well. Together with blue chalcedony You can use it as a bracelet or necklace to stimulate creativity.

If you want to use it topically, for example when you want to speed up wound healing, you can place it on it for about ten minutes after washing it well and cleaning the wound. It may not even be in direct contact but on top of a plaster or gauze.

During crystal therapy treatments, you can use it both to harmonize the seventh chakra and to harmonize the aura.

On the other hand, you can clean it under running water and it accepts a nice reiki treatment very well. It can actually also be used to strengthen Reiki treatments.