The CHAKRA – monoclinic system

Dalmatian Jasper Tumbled AmuletDalmatian jasper or dalmantine helps in reflection and rebalances emotions with a fortifying and restorative effect for the person.

It induces us to think carefully about our resolutions, to reflect on each phase of their realization, and finally to carry them out with determination.

In crystal therapy , Dalmatian jasper is most famous for its function as a protective amulet.

Dalmatian jasper strengthens the playful spirit that each of us has inside.

It encourages people to be more cheerful and helps those who tend to be overly analytical in life to be more energetic

If, on the other hand, it is worn by a child, a calming influence is achieved.

Use it if you want to reflect on something, if you have a project in progress that you need to develop to the best of your ability. Not only that, it helps you externalize them and share them with others.

Dalmantine is also said to possess healing properties.

Its energy is slow but effective, ideal for those who want to work on themselves in the long term.

It strengthens the will and gives the necessary determination not to be taken by temptation.

Use it if you want to attract, strengthen bonds and friendships. It is recommended, for example, if you need to protect your children from nightmares.

On a physical level, it stimulates the nervous system and helps to react in difficulties. It helps with muscle pain, tendons and cartilage.

It can be used to rebalance the first chakra, in this case it should be placed at the height of the first vertebra of the spine and kept in contact. It helps the body become stronger and more resilient by igniting spiritual energy and making us more independent.

In Feng Shui it can be used in the northeast and southwest area of the house or a single room to bring stability and tranquility to our home, helping us to relax.

In meditation it helps concentration by bringing inner peace.

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