VII chakra – trigonal system

rock crystal pendantRock Crystal is a guiding stone, it brings transparency and clarity, it stimulates you to know yourself and to overcome your mental limits.

It transmits great energy and helps to balance all parts of our body.

On a physical level, it revitalizes numb, cold and rigid areas; strengthens nerves and stimulates glands; It alleviates fever and pain, just place two specimens on the soles of the feet.

Rock Crystal can be used in meditation. It amplifies the experience by elevating the person to higher stages of consciousness.

Worn as a pendant to hang around the neck, it brings good results on a spiritual and psychic level.

In contact with the area of the body that hurts, it brings physical benefits.

It purifies the aura, unlocks the chakras, amplifies all kinds of energy from the other crystals, and stimulates extrasensory abilities.

Holding a rock crystal in one hand and a citrine quartz in the other hand allow you to balance the feminine and masculine energies (yin and yang).

Clean it safely under running water. On the other hand, avoid water and salt solutions.

When a hyaline quartz is found that is not exactly pure, it is referred to as “ghosts”, i.e. those nebulous shapes contained within it. These change over time, to the point of modifying the crystal itself.

Rock crystal isn’t really for everyone. It is a special stone, but in some moments of life it may be “excessive”.

Hyaline quartz, if worn for long periods by a person who is not ready for this contact, can cause suffering and a sense of oppression.

In a nutshell, those who are not ready to rise spiritually will not benefit from this wonderful quartz.

In Feng Shui, it stimulates meditation and spirituality, which is great for counteracting stagnant Qi, purifies, protects, stimulates healing, and brings peace. The preferred room is the living room.