VI chakra – monoclinic system

Ciaroite is not very well known in the West, except by enthusiasts of the sector. Being a stone that comes from beautiful Siberia, it has only been on the market for a few years and the information we have on the properties of ciaroite is recent. It is usually recommended to keep it in contact with the body for more benefits. It can also be used inside stone circles.

It helps to manage the essential changes in life. When you feel overwhelmed by the weight of things left undone, it promotes decision-making, spontaneity, and strength of character.

It helps us to have more confidence in ourselves and stay calm when worries make us feel stressed.

It helps to get a restful sleep and have pleasant dreams.

Ciaroite helps you make important decisions without hesitation. It promotes the spirit of observation towards oneself and others.

On a physical level, it has an antispasmodic action and stimulates the establishment of a basic metabolism.

It relieves nervousness and pain, proving to be helpful in cases of disorders of the vegetative system, especially when the heart is involved.

It must be kept in direct contact with the body.