III chakra – trigonal system

Calcite is a very common mineral in the world, it can be found in virtually any area.

It is a very waxy mineral, almost similar to soap, it can be both glossy and opaque.

It can be used both in crystal therapy treatments, worn as a pendant or as a stone to keep at home.

The purpose of calcite is precisely to increase the positive vibrations of a place, purifying it when necessary. When we wear it, however, it purifies our thinking and expands positive thinking, also leading to an increase in creativity.

Placed in the room where you work increases productivity and helps to make creativity and motivation more vivid.

We can also give it to a friend who, for example, cannot close with their past, because this stone also eliminates emotional blocks. It gives greater awareness and openness.

Spherical calcites are very suitable for meditation. They increase awareness and contact with the spiritual spheres.

Calcite, among many other properties, boasts that of being able to heal the wounds of the soul and mind. However, it does not do so analytically. It harnesses the vibrations of the heart chakra so that you can harmonize these two important centers.

Yellow calcite has the ability to give great energy, both physically and mentally.

Calcite has the ability to activate all life processes, especially for children.

It gives a sense of stability, self-confidence and firmness.

On a physical level, it stimulates the metabolism and the immune system. It promotes the growth of children, relieves skin and intestinal disorders. It purifies the blood and accelerates the healing of bones and tissues.

It can be worn for long periods mounted on a braccale or necklace. If you take it as an essence, you will get faster and more intense effects.