IV chakra – trigonal system

Chrysoprase is a chalcedony and belongs to the quartz family, and its characteristic apple green color is due to the presence of nickel.

The green coloration lasts as long as water is present in the crystal lattice of the rock. When the mineral dehydrates, it loses its green coloration and lightens.

In ancient times, chrysoprase was associated with the goddess Venus and represented the divine love of truth.

Chrysoprase makes the wearer feel part of a higher order, making him feel the presence of the spirit and look at reality as a divine manifestation.

It promotes the development of patience, allowing the individual to willingly accept that the truth may be difficult to attain.

It helps the person to free themselves from dependence on others by instilling self-confidence.

Its detoxifying action on a physical level becomes a capacity for purification on a psychological level. The subject learns to free himself from negative and destructive images, reworking and transforming them.

Chrysoprase is also useful for eliminating recurring nightmares, even those of children, who suddenly wake up crying at night.

Working with this crystal, greed, selfishness, and carelessness are alleviated to give way to adaptability, events, versatility, and fantasy. It spurs the imagination and awakens hidden talents.

On a physical level, it has a detoxifying action, allowing you to eliminate those metals and substances that are normally difficult to eliminate. The activity of the liver is stimulated so it also helps with prolonged drug intoxication, helping the body to feel better.

Chrysoprase relieves dermatitis and together with smoky quartz to deal with fungal infections.

Used in the I chakra, it stimulates the energies of the lower abdomen, helping in case of infertility and prostate problems.

It is generally indicated to intervene on problems related to the sexual sphere of which it is not possible to discover the original cause, in stubborn cases of denial of sensuality.

It can be worn for a long time as an ornamental stone, mounted on a necklace, bracelet, pendant, or alternatively applied to the affected region. The detoxifying action can be intensified by fasting and drinking the stone elixir.

In Feng Shui it corresponds to the color green and the predominant movement is wood.

It has the property of detoxifying the body from heavy metals, detoxifies the psyche, helps fertility, eliminates night nightmares.

The favorite room is the bedroom. Be careful not to expose it for a long time to heat sources or direct sun, it would cause dehydration and loss of the apple green color.