I and III chakras – trigonal system

Leopard jasper, also called “leopardite,” has all the chemical properties of jasper.

For many people, leopard jasper is a stone with magical virtues. For shamans, it was the stone that fostered the bond with the animal spirit totem. In addition, the harmony of the colored spots that make up the stone refers above all to the harmony between man and the animal spirits of nature. Many ancient myths associated jasper, including leopard jasper, with deities and objects of worship.

Leopard jasper boosts creative ability, improves memory and protects against falsehoods. It attracts everything that is harmonious and to recognize individuals with bad intentions and who only have their own interests at heart.

It helps the person to have serenity and inner tranquility by promoting self-respect and self-consideration, enhancing courage and inner strength. Leopard jasper facilitates holistic practitioners to activate and transmit their healing abilities.

It balances emotions, promotes the expression of emotions and feelings, and facilitates reflection. facilitates the cleansing and release of emotions that have become stagnant in the auric

It enhances inner wisdom and helps to overcome fears, increases control skills in particular situations of stress and fatigue

It represents change, variety and progress, it is the stone of resolution since it brings the unresolved to completeness.

Leopard jasper promotes blood oxygenation and helps tissues to regenerate It is indicated against canker sores (swelling of the oral mucosa) and herpes, it is very effective on glands and organs with regulatory functions such as brain, heart, pituitary; Also indicated when any organ or gland that performs regular functions such as: the brain, heart, pineal gland or hypothalamus have dysfunction in some way

On the physical plane, leopard jasper combines in a certain sense all the virtues common to jasper in general.
Used for the lower abdomen, leopard jasper could alleviate various ailments of this part of the body. From complications of childbirth, to digestive and kidney problems. Leopard jasper would support all the digestive phases, from ingestion to the elimination of food, passing through the transformation and assimilation phases.
People who suffer from viral skin problems could alleviate these inconveniences with the use of leopard jasper. The stone would also be very suitable for reducing body odors.
On the psychic level, leopard jasper is a stone of mental balance. It would also reduce neuronal decline and stimulate memory. As a stone of wisdom, it fosters reflection and imagination. It also brings the stability and serenity needed to face life’s difficulties and challenges to achieve one’s goal.

A stone of relaxation, leopard jasper purges the aura of negative energies.
On the karmic side, leopard jasper is the solar plexus predilection stone. As an “anchor stone” it provides unity. This makes it an ideal stone for promoting communication and bringing cohesion within the family or a human group in general.
Leopard jasper is particularly favorable to the astrological signs of Virgo and Gemini.
The purification of leopard jasper takes place by immersing it in salted distilled water for a few hours. Its recharge takes place by exposure to the sun’s or moon’s rays, ideally on a quartz mass.