Black kyanite is helpful in unclogging stagnant energies throughout the chakras, focusing especially on the root chakra.

This strain is very popular with healers, because it can be grounded to carry out its energizing action.

It is mainly used in meditation, because it helps both to contact spiritual guides and to explore the subconscious mind.

Not only that, it is also used to go back to past lives and understand how they are influencing our present and future actions.

As black kyanite is highly energetic, it is quietly placed on any chakra so that its healing energy can heal any holes or tears in the chakras or aura.

In addition to aligning the chakras, it also aligns all the levels of the aura,

In addition, this variety of distenencies does not hold back negativity.

Black kyanite amplifies high-frequency energies, making it the stone for activations, meditation, and dream work.

It also possesses a calming and calming energy, which is very useful when it comes to entering meditation or remembering dreams and intuitions.

It also restores Ki (or Qi) to the physical body and balances yin and yang energies.

Like all stones that do not need to be discharged and purified, we always recommend doing so from time to time anyway, when you feel the need.

With its distinctive fan shape, black Kyanite is a strong stone for protection and spiritual awakening. Black Kyanite strengthens your auric field, so negative influences stay out and your body and mind feel safe and relaxed.

Thanks to this relaxation, your chakras open up and your perception increases.