THE CHAKRAS – trigonal system

Agate was a protective stone for our ancestors. In particular, specimens with parallel lines were used to create talismans capable of defending against bad luck. Even today in some countries, people give newborn babies agate pendants to wish them luck.

In the Middle Ages, it was considered the stone of abundance, virtue, and courage. It is thought to have had the effect of making one wise and reasonable.

It is a stone devoted to simplicity and therefore tries to aim “straight to the point“. However, it does not promote action, but introspection.

It is therefore excellent for those who tend to act on impulse without thinking too much about the cause-and-effect combination.

It pushes you to search for the meaning of your life, fosters self-control and goodness.

It acts as a factor of stability by promoting self-confidence and optimism. It helps the person to overcome moments of sadness by giving rise to a happiness that involves those close to him.

It allows you to better understand the meaning of your daily experiences.

In crystal therapy, agate is perfectly used to treat those people who need to maintain a good balance through sensible choices, whatever the area of life (love, work, family, health, friends, etc.) that is causing an energy imbalance.

It seems that agate doesn’t just protect against “curses” or other forms of negative energy sent towards the person using it. In fact, it performs the function of an envelope that stabilizes and harmonizes every single organ and cell of the body.

On a physical level, it has a beneficial action on all organs, improving the subject’s perceptive abilities.

It stimulates the circulation of body fluids, the immune system, cellular metabolism and the intestine, thus promoting the assimilation of food and its elimination.

If you need maximum concentration and a good memory for study or work, keep an agate druse on your desk, it will also help to keep away negative thoughts that distract you from achieving the goal.

It can be used mounted on bracelets or necklaces, or applied directly to the abdomen.