VI chakra – trigonal system

Amethyst stimulates spiritual awareness and awareness of reality beyond matter; it helps to understand the spiritual motivations behind the events; In this sense, it also helps in the re-elaboration of mourning and pain due to the loss of those you love. It favors intuition and introspective ability; It strengthens the sense of justice, honesty and humility.

Amethyst RingIt stimulates dreams that reveal one’s own deep truths; it calms the nervous system by sedating hallucinations and manias, fears and neuroses; It mitigates selfishness and the inability to love. it calms the mind by calming chaotic thoughts and thus promotes concentration; It removes feelings of guilt, inferiority complexes and insecurity. It fights insomnia and nightmares, promoting a truly restorative rest; relieves pain and tension; in this way it calms headaches and migraines, relieves bruises, wounds and swelling; Useful in skin, lung and nervous system problems.

The meaning of amethyst is: if you prefer to make thoughtful and thoughtful choices, if you know that every change takes time and dedication, then you are able to keep alive the greatest gift within you: that of balance.

It can be useful for those people who would like to make use of its qualities. If you want to get rid of stress, find your comfort zone (but don’t settle down) and be able to handle difficult situations with a clear mind, then you can decide to use amethyst in its raw form, in the form of earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets. The important thing is to always have it close by.

Amethyst Drusa, Raw or Tumbled Amethyst. Whichever form you choose, it can help you to make those small and large changes in your life consciousness that can eventually lead to a higher balance!

Amethyst Druze has purifying properties. Placed in an environment she manages to purify it without other external help, she does everything!

If you have stones to purify, the amethyst geode is perfect, it has to be the right size to be able to hold all the stones you want to purify. Keep your pendants or crystals inside for 24 hours.

To clean the amethyst you have to soak it in water. Being a quartz, it can remain there for some time, or keep it under running water. Avoid any type of household cleaning product, on this and any other stone.

To enhance the properties of amethyst, you can leave it overnight under the influence of the full moon or the crescent moon. On the contrary, it should not be kept exposed to the sun, which applies to any other quartz.