V CHAKRA – Rhombic System

Angelite stimulates the ability to overcome challenges, amplifies a gentle attitude, mitigating violent feelings and anger.

It aligns the etheric field with the physical field so that our energy heals ourselves and others.

Angel in angeliteIt is said that it also bears this name to learn how to connect with the Guardian Angels. On a physical level, it helps with infections and inflammation of the throat. It improves verbal expression and rumination in order to overcome insecurities.

On a physical level, it has pain-relieving actions. To help you, you need to place the stone in the area that hurts. It is also connected to the skeletal system, so it is very useful for bone problems and helps the healing processes that involve them.

Its energy is important for transforming and purifying negative emotions. The vibrations of this stone amplify the desire for peace and this attitude can help to heal relationships first of all with oneself.

Angelite works a lot on the mind. It helps to express ideas better through the use of speech and helps filter emotions. It helps to develop communication and not to panic when expressing yourself to others. It’s great if you suffer from stress or if you get overwhelmed by fears and worries. If you always feel threatened by situations, then angelite can help you. It helps to keep you calm, thus preventing states of anxiety.

It is connected, as we have seen, to the fifth chakra, but it can also be used on the sixth and seventh chakras.

In fact, it acts as a bridge between the human being and the higher energies. Used in meditation it calms and relaxes, leading to a deep descent into ourselves.

In meditation you can hold it in your hands or hang it around your neck.

To increase communication skills, it is better to put it as a pendant around your neck. In fact, it is such a versatile stone that you will have no problem using it as a bracelet or ring. Place it next to your bed to improve your sleep quality and receive clarifying messages from your dreams. It should not be immersed in water, rinsed or used as an elixir. It is preferable to let it rest to recharge it on an amethyst or hyaline quartz drause. You can then charge it thanks to the lunar energies.