There are many methods to purify stones, but some in my opinion are not very safe for the safety of the crystals.

Here I expose the ones I use, and which, in my opinion, are within everyone’s reach and by using them we can rest easy without risking ruining our stone friends.

The simplest but very effective one is to run them under running water with the intention of purifying them for a few minutes.

You can also recite a formula aloud where you ask the water and the spirits of nature to purify the Crystal that you have in your hand “say the name, for example amethyst” and free it from all the negativities that you find Within, beside and above the stone, finally give thanks in the form of planetary consciousness.

However, some stones do not require direct water, such as amber, apophyllite, azurite, celestine, malachite, chrysoprase, chrysocolla, tiger’s eye, selenite, sulfur, pietersite, moonstone, sunstone, and angelite.

These and all the others can be purified with incense, I use Palo Santo. Make sure when you buy it that it is 100% pure and natural incense, otherwise it has no purifying effect, and it is not good for the person either.

Just light a stick of this incense and pass the smoke over all the stones. Palo Santo is an incense used for the purpose of counteracting negative energies. Can be used also to purify the house.

After purifying them, the stones must be recharged. You can do this simply with an Amethyst Druze, citrine or rock crystal quartz.

Simply place the stones to be loaded on top and keep them there for one to three days depending on how much the stone has been used .

Otherwise, if you don’t have a Druze you can recharge them with the moon’s rays, the best is undoubtedly the full moon phase.

Place them in the garden or on the balcony when the moon is clearly visible in the sky. Leave them like this for three days, Remembering, however, to take them off when the sun comes back.

Many minerals, especially quartz, do not like to be exposed to direct sunlight and may become discolored.

You can also immerse the quartzes in a transparent basin filled with water (beware of crystals that cannot be put in contact with water: see above) and expose everything to the moon’s rays.

The Moon and water are in perfect harmony and this treatment can only be good for the stones.

The ideal treatment lasts three days. It starts from the one that precedes the full moon to the one that follows it.

Druze should also be recharged under the moon’s rays from time to time.

For any questions or clarifications you can contact me by email or on whatsApp.

Thank you?

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