III CHAKRA – Rhombic System

Tumbled aragoniteAragonite is considered the symbol of Divine Intelligence, the one that guides us on our unique and unrepeatable path.

Use it if you need grounding, to accept reality and stop struggling against the changes that are inevitable.

Aragonite can provide valuable help in cases of hypersensitivity, when agitation and insecurity manifest themselves with tremors, or even panic attacks.

Even in the case of intense wear and tear of thoughts, understood as exhausting brooding, which ends up engaging the mind without solution.

It stabilizes excess mental activity, which can lead to fatigue or loss of motivation.

Use it if you need to balance yin and yang energies. It keeps away from you those unreal fears that condition you.

Andit balances the various processes and slows down the ones that are too fast.

It contributes to the progressive establishment of a condition of inner well-being, helping to improve the state of mind.

It makes the subject flexible and tolerant, while still helping to maintain concentration.

On a physical level, it regulates calcium metabolism, stimulates muscle activity and keeps ligaments elastic. It strengthens the immune system and is useful in digestive problems.

It can be considered as the stone that amplifies firmness, because it gives serenity and emotional balance.

Aragonite can be worn constantly as an ornamental stone, mounted on a bracelet, necklace or ring.