The chakras – trigonal system

Dragon’s blood jasper belongs to the jasper family and has a green color with red and brown hues.

This stone linked to the earth element helps us to rediscover our instinctive part, courage and our own personal power.

It connects the first chakra with the heart chakra, so it connects our emotional part with the instinctive one.

It helps you to be more sociable and improves relationships with others.

Protects against negative external influences. It mitigates aggression and helps you to be more patient.

It stimulates the ability to adapt, helping to cope with the most stressful periods, regaining mental clarity and calm.

On a physical level, it strengthens the immune system, helps with intestinal problems, tendons, muscles and pathologies of the reproductive organs in both men and women. Very useful for the heart, lymphatic system and blood circulation.

To purify and recharge it, amethyst druse or rock crystal is fine, recharge it in the sun but not direct light.

If the jasper loses all its energy potential, becomes brittle and breaks, at that point it is appropriate to return it to nature, releasing it into the sea or a watercourse.

It can be carried with you in your pocket, hung around your neck as a pendant, mounted on necklaces, bracelets, rings. Suitable for moments of meditation or crystal therapy directly in contact with the body.