I°chakra – rhombic system

Chiastolite is a beautiful stone with a singular appearance. Its veins create a Celtic cross.Tumbled chiastolite

no doubt known to those of you who have walked the Camino de Santiago.

On a spiritual and energetic level, the Chiastolite is a famous symbol of balance, it represents the union of the four elements precisely because of the natural cross drawn inside.

It can be used as a good luck charm if you are trying to achieve goals that are very important to you.

Useful for those who let themselves be carried away without fighting by events.

It helps to find the courage to stand up for yourself. All this without losing sight of reality.

It is a stone that promotes personal growth, helps in self-realization and in the achievement of one’s goals.

It helps people become more altruistic and collaborate. It helps fight fears and guilt, no matter how much time has passed.

It helps to protect oneself from senseless fears, to face a problem when it actually manifests itself. It strengthens analytical skills, promotes mindfulness, and helps overcome shyness and passivity.

On a physical level, it reduces acidity, gout, rheumatism and strengthens the nervous system in case of fatigue and exhaustion.

You can wear chiastolitis as a good luck charm but also to find the courage to speak your mind and assert yourself.

To get benefits with chiastolitis on the body, it needs to be placed locally where it is needed. On the stomach in case of acidity and on the part of the body affected by rheumatism.