II° chakra – trigonal system

carnelian pendant  Carnelian embodies both feminine and masculine energies (yin and yang).

It makes you brave in facing the small challenges of every day and conveys the right pragmatism to solve problems and finish what you started.

Carnelian is a highly motivating stone.

It gives clarity to thoughts and emotions, allows the experience of both pleasant and painful experiences without losing emotional control.

It helps to understand the cycle of life and mitigates the fear of death accordingly.

Carnelian is found in various colors, from light to bright orange, other times the shades are close to brown and rust. When the color is light, its dominant energy is feminine, receptive and passive. When the color is darker, the energy is considered masculine and active and helps to give courage and motivation.

Carnelian, and many other orange stones, help channel our body’s energy. For athletes, it can be used to support physical activity and improve mental endurance. Carnelian promotes stability and a sense of belonging.

Carnelian, connected to the second chakra, helps control energy flow and balances the body, mind, and spirit by acting directly on the life force.

It helps and acts as a support even in case of depression, but remember that it does not work miracles, it serves as a support.

On a physical level, it facilitates the assimilation of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, improving blood quality. Effective against cystitis and problems of the uterus, prostate, bladder and kidneys.

You can keep it in your pocket to bring it close to the second chakra to work better, otherwise it is also good as a ring so it works on the reproductive organs and the sexual sphere.

In the workplace, it attracts creativity and beneficial influences, but be careful not to bring it into the bedroom while you sleep.

Carnelian can help by increasing fertility. If you are thinking of having a child, carry it at the height of the second chakra, in your pocket, or worn as a ring or bracelet, it will help with the purpose.