THE CHAKRAS – rhombic system

Bronzite braceletBronzite It is also called the “stone of courtesy

” because it mitigates anger and aggression.

Its vibrations bring serenity. It relieves both physical and mental tension.

In this way, it helps you not only to cope with periods of stress, but also improves the mental clarity necessary to know how to cope with difficulties.

It’s a good stone when it comes to preventing depression.

Promotes balance and lucidity.

There are crises in life, bronzite helps you not to avoid them but to accept them and make the best decisions without ending up in depression or being discouraged and bitter.

On a physical level, this stone relieves muscle contractions, spasms and pain in general. It also strengthens the nerves.

Cleaning is pretty simple. Bronzite does not require any special treatment.

You just have to keep it for a minute under a trickle of running water, taking care to dry it immediately and well.

Less risky is to put it on top of a quartz druse, such as amethyst. Or a cleanse with incense, Palo Santo.

Instead, you can charge it under moonlight.

Try to bring it close to the First chakra, so it’s good in your pocket. This is at least to work on the physical plane or if you have to harmonize the first chakra.

Otherwise, wear it around your neck as a pendant to work on the mental sphere.