Ametrine, the stone to overcome conflicts

III and VI Chakras - Trigonal System

ametrino quarzo

Ametrine is an out-of-the-ordinary crystalline quartz, which contains colored zones consisting of amethyst and citrine. It is formed by hydrothermal process from silicic acid solution containing iron.

The masculine/feminine energy of these two stones is very powerful even when single, let alone when they are joined within the same stone.

On a spiritual level, being composed of both amethyst, which gives it awareness, and citrine, which gives it dynamism, ametrine allows you to overcome conflict situations and achieve success at all levels.

Ametrine is useful for stressed people by helping them to regain an inner balance. It helps to work on oneself, on addictions and weaknesses.

It instills optimism and joie de vivre. It gives lasting harmony and serenity by being proof of all external influences.

It harmonizes perception and behavior. It gives creativity and dynamism.

Ametrine in crystal therapy is widely used because it helps to dissolve blockages and increases the vibrations of other stones, it is an amplifier like rock crystal.

In meditation it can be used every day, at least thirty minutes, so it will help you regenerate, clarify your goals and establish a very powerful relationship with the spiritual sphere.

It helps to rebalance the masculine and feminine energies, the energetic vibration connects the solar plexus with the crown chakra leading to a balance between the material and spiritual worlds by infusing spirituality into all daily actions.

All “dual” stones are valuable allies because they help to achieve balance. Many stones are used together to provide this effect, as is the case with sunstone and moonstone, others, such as ametrine, fuse two stones together thus allowing for much more focused work.

Ametrine releases tension caused by overthinking. It interrupts the obsessive self-talk to bring stillness. It improves willpower, relieves anxiety, stress and depression.

On a physical level, it has a purifying action on cells and tissues. It stimulates the activity of the vegetative nervous system and harmonizes the internal organs of the body.

You can use ametrine to balance the masculine and feminine energies in the body. Just hold this stone in your hands during your meditation practice.

You can wear ametrine if you need to work on your mind and interrupt the inner dialogue that prevents you from living your days properly.

To act at the level of the psyche, it is better to apply it directly to the region of the solar plexus.

bracciale con ametrino quarzo