III Chakra – amorphous system

Amber is a fossil resin that has undergone an aging process over millions of years.

Amber is often mistakenly thought of as a gemstone, but it is actually an organic stone, a fossilized resin generated by ancient trees such as conifers, pines, firs, or cedars, which subsequently undergoes slow mineralization over time.

In nature, there are four types of types of amber.


We have Succinite which is the most widely used and comes from the Baltic. Resinite, allingitis and actinolite which is the blue variety that originates from New Zealand.

Amber is currently found in Germany, Romania, Sicily and Burma. The most common one in jewelry is the one from the Baltic countries.

Amber can come in various colors, opaque or translucent, and contain insects that have been imprisoned at the time of drying.

It can be found yellow mined in the Baltic regions, red/brown from southern Mexico, green very rare to find, and blue also very rare from New Zealand and Santo Domingo.

Amber was the first gemstone in history.

Amber promotes a sunny nature of the person, makes us spontaneous and open, even if at the same time traditionalist.

It instills lightheartedness and happiness, makes you peaceful and optimistic, strengthening the sense of self-confidence.

Amber is a precious stone that has always been considered an amulet with protective abilities. The energies of this stone instill optimism and positivity. It is also a stone that facilitates creativity.

The element that distinguishes it is that of Fire: it concerns the sphere of masculine energy and strength (courage, will, purification, conquest); and also Ether or Akash, the fifth element, which governs and binds together Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and is a symbol of life and longevity.

Amber in Crystal Therapy has a protective energy, it facilitates the realization of one’s ideas in everyday reality. They strengthen the solar plexus or third chakra, and instill mental clarity and balance. Amber stone supports metabolism, life force, and fertility in women. Amber gives a bright, calming and energizing energy to the whole body and kundalini at the same time. Also suitable for purifying environments from negativity.

On a mental level, it makes you elastic and stimulates creativity. Amber is associated with sunlight and heat. It helps success, health, healing, love, and neutralizes negative energies. It has the property of absorbing pain and discomfort in the body. It is beneficial in any part of the body that needs to be balanced. On a physical level, it relieves stomach, spleen and kidney disorders, and dermatitis produced by poor metabolism. It strengthens the mucous membranes and helps teething in babies. The best results are achieved through long and frequent use. You can wear it as a necklace, bracelet or pendant.

To experience the benefits of amber, prolonged and frequent use is recommended. You can wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant. Whether it’s for healing purposes, for its calming properties, or simply for its ethereal beauty, amber remains a gemstone of unquestionable significance and charm.