IV chakra – trigonal or amorphous system


Fossil wood is a stone that is not born as such but as buried wood. It can crystallize when subjected to the action of silica, which is found moving underground within aqueous solutions.

Plant fibers can turn into quartz or opal. In the first case, it will then have a trigonal crystal system. In the second case, an amorphous crystal system. In practice, wood is covered with minerals, consumed over time and replaced by minerals.

The fossilized wood dates back 4300 years, legend has it that it came from the bones of giants.

It helps to develop a feeling of belonging to the entire planet. It makes us feel like we’re in the right place at the right time.

It stimulates the imagination, the world of images and the world of ideas.

It induces a sense of calm and stability and helps concentration.

It leads to having a quiet life where there is room for rest, reflection, leading to the creation of a happy and joyful atmosphere.

In crystal therapy, petrified wood is used to treat arteriosclerosis.

The recommended application is on the fourth chakra to dissolve deep fears, those that are deep-rooted and that have blocked the heart and feelings over the years, preventing normal personal evolution.

It has good results in relieving ailments caused by arthritis and rheumatism, has good resonance in the vortices of the hands and feet.

Activates the spleen vortex.

We could call it the quartz of longevity and the guide to overcoming the concept of time.

On a physical level, it stabilizes health, stimulates metabolism, calms nervousness, helps in case of obesity, which is often the product of a lack of contact with the earth, understood as reality.

You can use fossil wood if you need to root yourself on the ground. It is very useful in this context.

It strengthens your presence in the here and now and in the present. It teaches you that every time is a good time to bring about the necessary changes.

You can wear it on your body or use it on a stone circle. For meditation, a slab is ideal, large enough to sit on.